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The ACTAS Wellbeing Service


The ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) Wellbeing Service (WBS) is staffed by a team of qualified Social Workers and Counsellors with a wealth of experience in the fields of trauma support, crisis intervention and psychological first aid as well as a wide range of skills and knowledge in the areas of general health and wellbeing, advocacy, support and career counselling.

Every Wellbeing Worker has provided support on the front line, responding to sudden and unexpected deaths as part of the SupportLink Trauma Support Service. Attendance alongside police and paramedics provides a level of understanding unique to the ACTAS WBS.

SupportLink has been delivering services to ACTAS employees and their families since 2009. Over this time, we have tailored services specific to the needs of individuals and their families. We offer a neutral, independent space for the care and wellbeing of all who connect with our service.


The WBS approaches wellbeing holistically and provides a broad range of services including phone and/or face to face support for members and their families.

The WBS is committed to providing support either through direct service provision or by connecting members with additional appropriate services with information and warm referral.

Our service is considered complementary to general Employee Assistance Programs and chaplaincy services as it offers the following features:


We focus on: