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Information Sheets

If you are looking for a quick read on a wide range of different topics, check out the information sheets that have been put together specifically for you.
If you have any suggestions for additional information sheets, or would like a chat about anything you read....get in touch :)


This information is designed for personal reflection and awareness.

In many situations, the only thing we can control is how we relate or interact with the stimulus that’s in front of us. These tip sheets are aimed at helping us feel empowered about the many choices we make about our personal wellbeing either in times of crisis or times of development (often they go hand in hand!)


The information in this section covers topics such as communication, managing conflict and some ideas on how to connect, show appreciation or create a better balance.

This section has suggestions on managing the impact of your work on your family, as well as challenges for blended families, parenting ideas and caring for a family member suffering from mental health or substance misuse.


Information in this section talks about managing change, what to do when you’ve been triggered, grounding techniques, and having difficult conversations.

The person you are at work is the same person you bring home at the end of a shift, so all of the information in ‘Personal’ is also very applicable in the work place.


Wellbeing means different things to different people, or different things to you depending on what stage of life you’re at.

The information here aims to address many areas of health and wellbeing ranging from finances through to fitness.