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The workplace is a place for great personal and professional growth. Either we grow through challenge or through opportunity. This section provides some tips on how to make the most out of opportunities whilst tackling challenges. The information sheets are listed in no particular order but the newest ones will always be displayed at the top, so check back in from time to time for new information. 


Take a Break

Some easy ideas 

While focus is important during the workday, too long spent in a focused state can start to backfire. Our mind can naturally wander when our energy levels dip. Our bodies start to crave movement and our attention falters. Microbreaks impose small interruptions in your focus to ease your body and reboot your brain. Just a few minutes (or less) of distraction can have a disproportionately powerful impact on your productivity. 

Difficult Conversations

Let's have a (difficult) conversation

Is there a conversation you’ve been putting off? Is this because having this conversation will be difficult?  In both our personal and professional lives we can come across situations that call for a difficult conversation. Sometimes knowing where to start or having some tools to plan for a difficult conversation can ease the anxiety around it.

Coping with Trauma

Ambulance Service of NSW

Information sheet for Paramedics

Supporting a co-worker through hard times

Focus on support & listening, rather than ‘fixing’ or giving advice

We spend so much time at work with our colleagues, forming bonds and sharing experiences related to work, and sometimes outside of work. But what happens when our colleagues are experiencing a personal crisis? Whether a co-worker is going through a divorce, caring for a family member with an illness, or experiencing another personal problem, it can be confusing to know how to respond appropriately without crossing any boundaries.

Heatwave health

There’s hot, and there’s HOT – heat wave hot.

Even though Ambulance workers are trained in treating the community you are just as susceptible to the effects of heat as any other member of the community. It is likely that in your busy days and unpredictable working conditions, you forget to look after yourself or your peer.

Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication - what does it look like?

Communicating our needs assertively can be challenging, especially when we feel under pressure. So, what are the benefits of assertive communication, what does it look like, and how does it differ from aggressive communication.

Communicate Using Questions

Communication Skill: Ask a question

Asking questions can be a great way of engaging someone in a conversation, connecting with them, finding their perspective and, of course, getting information.


Are you feelin' it?

Empathy is a skill that comes quite naturally to some and needs nurturing and development in others. The good news is, no matter where you are on the empathy continuum, there are many ways to hone and develop the skill. First though, it might be helpful to know what empathy is and why it’s important, whilst it is a huge topic, here are the basics

Click here to watch "The Power of Empathy" (Brene Brown) 2.53 mins  

Click here to watch "The Importance of Empathy" (Lifehacker) 3:30 mins

When should I seek help?

Signs to look out for…

Our bodies are good at giving us signs that we are becoming stressed or overwhelmed. In those moments, it can be difficult to identify what is happening. Attached is a list of some of the signs that can indicate to us to make some time for wellbeing. 

Looking out for your peers

Check in with your peers if you notice changes in their behaviour.

This information sheet will give you some ideas what to look out for if you are concerned about a colleague and some ideas of what you can do.

Death Notifications

What do I do? What do I say?

For some, delivering a death message can be one of the most challenging parts of the job. These information sheets may help to make this process as helpful as possible for both those hearing the and those giving the information.