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Program Launch


Program Launch

New Welfare Support for ACT Ambulance Staff

Media Release - 12th August 2009

The Minister for Police and Emergency services, Simon Corbell, today formally launched a new welfare support program for ACT Ambulance Staff.

The Ambulance Support Program has been introduced by the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) following feedback from staff about the type of support they required while undertaking their life-saving work for the Canberra community," Mr Corbell said.

Staff surveys conducted by both the ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety and the Transport Workers Union identified a desire from ACTAS staff to significantly enhance welfare support arrangements which recognise the unique services provided by the ACTAS on a 24/7 basis," he said.

The Ambulance Support Program is provided by Canberra-based organisation supportLink Australia Ltd on behalf of the ACT Ambulance Service.

The Ambulance Support Program being developed in consulation with frontline members will involve:

  • access to 24/7 welfare support services;
  • alternate referral pathways for patients identified as vulnerable or at risk in the community;
  • the development of a peer support network within the ACTAS;
  • ongoing awareness and education of the program to ACTAS staff; and
  • a commitment to further refine the program to suit the needs of ACTAS frontline members.

"The Government is committed to providing our frontline emergency services personnel with the support they require to perform the vital role they play for the ACT community," Mr Corbell said. "Our Ambulance staff have continually been recognised as the most trusted profession over many years. The Ambulance Support Program is just one way the government can help them to continue their life-saving role into the future."